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Uninsured Motorist Trial Victory – Tony Terry V. Allstate

tony-terryThis October, the Cagle Law Firm and Tony Terry took on Allstate Insurance at trial in the 353rd Judicial District Court of Travis County, Texas in Tony Terry vs. Allstate Indemnity Company, Cause No. D-1-GN-16-005726. Mr. Terry and the Firm came out victorious with a jury verdict that awarded money damages over the limits of Mr. Terry’s policy of insurance. This lawsuit was the result of a battle with his own insurance company, Allstate Insurance, after they refused to pay for his medical bills related to injuries sustained in a hit and run collision.

Injured After Hit and Run

Mr. Terry was hit by another motorist on June 11, 2015, near the intersection of Highway 183 and Loyola Lane in Austin, Texas. The unidentified motorist fled the scene after this collision, and Mr. Terry was left physically injured and with property damage to his vehicle. At the time of this collision, Mr. Terry had a type of insurance coverage known as “Uninsured/Undersinsured Motorist Protection.” Uninsured Motorist Protection provides coverage to you in the event that a person who hits your vehicle does not have their own insurance, or in the event of a hit and run such as Mr. Terry’s case. Because Mr. Terry purchased this coverage from Allstate Insurance, he was entitled to be covered for the medical treatment he received as a result of being injured in the hit and run collision.

Allstate Insurance Refusal to Pay

However, Allstate refused to pay Mr. Terry for the majority of his medical bills.  Instead, they offered to pay just $3,000.00 of the $20,000.00 plus in outstanding medical bills. This type of conduct from insurance companies is becoming more frequent these days, as insurance companies have become increasingly aggressive against their own customers. At trial, Chris Cagle and Brad Russell presented this case to a 12 person jury panel, who ultimately decided in favor of Mr. Terry and awarded him the compensation he deserved. Mr. Terry had a policy limit of $30,000.00 at the time of the incident, but the jury felt the right thing to do was to award him an amount of money damages larger than this policy limit to compensate him for his injuries. This was a huge victory for Mr. Terry and the Cagle Law Firm because it goes to show that, even in a “David vs. Goliath” case against a large insurance company, justice can still prevail for those who need it most.

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