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Is Slaughter Lane Living Up to Its Name?

The intersection of Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road has posed dangerous conditions for Austin Drivers for years. In fact, the Austin Police Department has consistently rated this intersection as the most dangerous in the City. Austin car wrecks on Slaughter lane — often resulting in serious injuries &mdash occur more often than any other intersection in the City for a number of reasons:

  • First, it is a high volume intersection with nearly continuous traffic congestion.
  • Second, sections of Slaughter Lane allow motorists to attempt to cut across four lanes of east bound traffic to turn into the west bound lanes of traffic, and vice versa.
  • Third, like any part of the roadways of our community, motorists using cell phones while driving on Slaughter Lane in Austin cause devastating crashes and injuries.

Austin drivers:  When driving anywhere on Slaughter Lane, particularly approaching the Manchaca Road intersection, please be careful!  Hopefully Slaughter Lane will not live up to its name.

If you are injured in an Austin car wreck, visit our website or contact our office to find out what you must do immediately to protect your rights.

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