In Accident As a Rideshare Passenger, What Should You Do?

August 28, 2017

Ride-sharing has become one of the most popular ways to get around any city at any time. No longer do we have to hold up a hand to hail a cab (that might pass us anyway). We also can get a ride in areas where taxis are less likely to pick us up or drop us off. We can even rate our drivers and make notes about them through the apps. Subtle things like these helps us feel safe when in a car with a stranger.

For a while, ride-sharing companies in Texas were put under stress. Many stipulations were passed that the companies believed were unfair:

When Austin’s government officials passed a bill requiring fingerprint background checks, Uber and Lyft immediately created a campaign to protest it. Unfortunately, the campaign failed, and they eventually suspended their services in the city.

Uber has insurance policies for their drivers in place, depending on the situation. Here’s a basic outline:

While coverage is a great thing for ride-sharing companies to offer their drivers, there are also cons for the passengers:

If you’re in a ride-sharing accident as a passenger, act how you would in any other car accident. Call 911 if you are seriously injured, take photos of the accident if possible, exchange information, and contact the ride-sharing company to let them know you were involved in an accident. You also may be entitled to injury compensation, since ride-sharing companies now have policies in place for passengers injured in an accident.

Ride-sharing services can be an extremely efficient way to get around in this day and age. There are several benefits, too. If you miss your bus or train, you have the option of taking a Lyft to work. If your ride cancels on you, you can take an Uber-pool, which is cheaper than taking an Uber by yourself. However, we can’t ignore that accidents can happen to anyone at any time when in a car.

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