There Is a Hidden Danger on Sh 130, and It’s Not What You Think

September 16, 2016

There is a hidden danger on SH 130, and it's not what you think.  Of course, I'm talking about State Highway 130, a stretch of road through Austin that boasts the highest posted speed limit in the nation.  The posted speed limit of 85 mph is an appeal to motorists dissatisfied with congested Austin traffic.  The pitch is simple: come drive 85 mph on a private highway and avoid the traffic of I-35.

The private company that operated the highway (before filing bankruptcy), SH 130 Concession Company, LLC, created a website touting SH 130 as "Safe. Fast. Reliable." The website includes a scenic photograph of an 18-wheeler safely driving down SH 130.

Indeed, more and more 18-wheelers are using SH 130, thanks in part to the Texas Transportation Committee reducing tolls for 18 wheelers on SH 130 in hopes of relieving 18 wheeler traffic on I-35.

As posted in our blog last week, 18 wheelers driving on the 85 mph limit SH 130 pose a significant risk of tire blow outs, which can result in devastating injuries and death to other motorists on the roadway, or the operator of the truck itself. This is because 18-wheeler tires are not designed to travel faster than 81 mph. That means that every single 18 wheeler driving the speed limit on SH 130 is at risk for having a tire blow out and causing catastrophic injuries.

Trucking accidents in Austin can cause devastating injuries and death, and they will increase in number as more 18 wheelers use the nation's fastest highway.  Fatal Austin 18-wheeler accidents occur all too frequently. A tire blow out at 85 mph almost assures another fatal Austin trucking collision.

Instead of decreasing toll fees for these big trucks, the City should be increasing their rates for 18-wheelers to prevent this dangerous occurrence from taking place.

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