Rear-End Accidents

We can help you after you’ve been injured by a rear-end accident, to help you receive fair compensation or benefits to help pay for medical care, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. 

We Represent Victims Of Rear-End Accidents

Serious injuries can be cause by rear end collisions, even if the vehicles involved don’t have as much damage as other types of collisions.  In other types of cart wrecks—like t-bone crashes or head on collisions, the driver can see the impact coming and may be able to brace for the impact.  Unfortunately, many rear end collisions seemingly come out of “no-where” and there is no chance to brace for the collision.  As a result, a rear end collision may cause more severe injuries than any other type of collision, even if the vehicles do not appear to suffer heavy property damage.    Some of the most common injuries suffered in rear-end crashes include:

  • Head injuries, including concussions and lacerations;
  • Neck and back injuries, including fractured spines, disc herniations and ligament tears;
  • Whiplash and severe muscle and ligament strains;
  • Arm and wrist injuries, including torn rotator cuffs in the shoulder;
  • Fractures of the arms and legs; and,
  • Torn ligaments in the knee.

You may not feel pain or experience any symptoms immediately at the scene of the collision.   The adrenaline and shock of being involved in a violent collision often masks pain and injuries at the scene and the immediate post collision time period.  However, most motorist report experiencing the onset of pain within 24-72 hours after a rear end collision, even if the vehicle they were in was not “totaled.”  That is why it is so important to seek medical attention to address any potential injuries even if it’s been several days after the collision occurred.

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We can help you after you’ve been injured in an accident. We will immediately investigate to determine the cause of the crash and who may be held liable for your injuries. Car accidents are often caused by driver error or neglect so it is important to work with us right away to make sure your accident and claim is handled correctly.

We will work to help you receive fair compensation or benefits to help pay for medical care, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. We are known for getting results and you can trust us to always look out for your best interests.

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