Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident victims may be able to pursue legal action against the driver responsible for the accident. Our lawyers are skilled at reviewing your accident to help you secure compensation under the law.

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Motorcycle accidents can result in severe injuries to motorcyclists who don’t have the same protection as other motorists on the road. The Cagle Law Firm, P.C., understands the complex nature of personal injury claims resulting from a motorcycle accident in Texas. When you’ve been in an wreck and need an Austin motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure maximum compensation, call us.

Motorcyclists have the right to be on the road, and everyone is expected to follow the same traffic safety laws. All drivers on the road have an obligation to “keep a proper lookout” and to be aware of motorcyclists on the roadways. The outcome can be disastrous when a driver fails to see a motorcycle. At the Cagle Law Firm, we understand the legal options around Austin area motorcycle accidents and we’ve represented clients in these cases for many years. Your health and wellbeing is critical. If you’re in need of an attorney, contact us.

Know What to Expect After A Motorcycle Accident. Your Injuries May Require Extensive Medical Care

Motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles can result in serious and fatal injuries, including:

  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries;
  • Neck and back injuries, including spinal cord damage and paralysis;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Broken bones; and,
  • Loss of limbs and resulting permanent physical impairment.

Many Austin motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent actions taken by another driver that claimed to have not seen the motorcycle before the collision.   For this reason, many Texas motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists pulling out or turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle. These actions can be tragic for motorcyclists and lead to extensive medical bills and long-term care. Our Austin motorcycle accident attorneys know your options for the fullest compensation in the event of a crash.

Motorcycle accident victims may be able to pursue legal action against the driver responsible for the accident. Our lawyers are skilled at reviewing your accident and can collect and preserve the evidence you will need to maximize your compensation under the law.

We understand that many motorists and insurance companies will try to blame you for the accident. We will fight to make sure you are not judged unfairly because you ride a motorcycle.

We have handled many cases involving motorcycle accidents and injuries.  These cases involve:

  • Other drivers pulling in front of a motorcycle that has the right of way because they didn’t see the cyclist;
  • Drivers changing lanes in front of a motorcycle they didn’t see, causing the cyclist to run into the back of the vehicle. These cases often result in serious injuries to the motorcyclist, and adding insult to injury, often times the other vehicle’s insurance company blames the motorcycle driver!  We can help turn the tables in your favor.

Motorcyclists can be injured in accidents that were caused by another vehicle even if there is no contact between the motorcycle and the other vehicle.  This is an important fact that many motorcyclists do not know.  If another vehicle pulls in front of you, causing you to crash as you take emergency evasive action, you still have a claim against the other driver’s insurance company.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Austin motorcycle accident, you need to contact an experienced Austin motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.

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