Construction Accidents

When individuals are injured on the job site because a company has neglected to provide appropriate equipment and has failed to enforce safety policies and procedures, Texas law allows for the injured party to recover damages.

Protecting Your Rights Following An Industrial Accident

Construction workers and those who work in industrial environments deal with risks and dangers every day. Injuries on the jobsite can be especially devastating because not only have you been injured and need help with the medical bills, you may have also lost your job as a result of the workplace accident.  That is not fair.

Even the most experienced, safety-conscious workers can be seriously injured by factors completely out of their control. To cut costs, some companies do not make safety equipment available to their employees or others on the job site.  Some companies fail to maintain or enforce safety policies and procedures, which puts everyone on the job site at risk.  When individuals are injured on the job site because a company has neglected to provide appropriate equipment and has failed to enforce safety policies and procedures, Texas law allows for the injured party to recover damages.  Sometimes, a legal claim is the only way to help the injured individual, and to force a company to start paying attention to safety on the jobsite.

If you or a family member has been seriously hurt on the job, you can best protect your rights by consulting a Texas Construction Accident lawyer who has a long track record of successfully litigating injury claims for individuals injured on the job site. We are Austin-based Construction Accident Attorneys who will listen to your story, investigate the cause of the injuries, and help you evaluate all of your legal options.

Injured On The Job by faulty machinery or heavy equipment? You Need An Austin Heavy Equipment and Dangerous Product Injury Attorney.

At The Cagle Law Firm, P.C., we have the proven capability to hold a negligent product manufacturer, general contractor, subcontractor or other liable party financially accountable for putting your safety at risk while on the job. We are well-prepared to evaluate your case involving an accident and injury at the worksite.  Some job site injuries include the following:

  • A ladder fall, scaffold fall, or defective fall protection equipment, resulting in a  fall from heights;
  • Injuries caused by dangerous equipment, tools or other products that were improperly designed, poorly maintained or misused by someone on your job site; and,
  • A fire or explosion that you believe was caused by workplace negligence.

If you have been injured on the job, you need an experienced Texas Construction Accident Lawyer to investigate what happened and why.  Did your employer neglect important safety procedures, causing you to be put at risk?  Were there other individuals or companies on the jobsite that put your safety at risk?

Texas Worker’s Compensation Laws and their Effect on your On the Job Injury Claim

Texas Worker’s Compensation laws offer protections to Companies who have employees injured on the job. In most cases, a Company that provides Worker’s Compensation coverage cannot be sued for personal injury.  For that reason, many employers tell injured workers that they are covered by a Texas Worker’s Compensation Policy when they are not.  Sometimes, this leads to confusion for the injured employee and their family.  What rights do you have if you are injured on the job and your employer claims that they have Texas Worker’s Compensation coverage?

Do not take your employer’s word for it!  Contact an experienced on the job injury lawyer and verify whether or not your employer really does have Texas Worker’s Compensation.

Sometimes Texas workers are injured on the jobsite by a person, company, or machinery controlled, owned or operated by someone else.  Often times, these injured workers simply get treated under their own employer’s Texas Worker’s Compensation Policy, and assume they do not have a personal injury claim.  WRONG! If you are injured by another person, company, or machinery controlled or owned by someone else, you still have the right to pursue a Texas workplace accident claim, even if your employer has a Texas Worker’s Compensation Policy.  These claims are referred to as “Third Party Claims,” or “Worker’s Comp. Third Party Claims.”

If you are injured in a Texas Workplace accident and are not sure if you have a claim or not, the best thing to do is call an experienced Texas Accident Attorney.

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