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Austin Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Each Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer at CPM Injury Law understands the short term and long term impact of an injury caused by an 18 wheeler accident. Your CPM Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer understands that when commercial vehicles are involved in the accident that caused an injury, there are regulations and rules in play that may contribute to the compensation a victim is due. A common misconception is that commercial car accidents are limited to semi-trucks; 18-wheelers are not the only commercial vehicles that can cause serious and catastrophic injuries. Commercial vehicles are a common sight on Texas roads and they are involved in many crashes. If you’ve been in an accident with a commercial vehicle on a Texas road, call our attorneys.

Each Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer at CPM Injury Law has the experience and resources available to quickly and effectively help you after being injured in an Austin Commercial Vehicle Accident.

At CPM Injury Law, P.C., each Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer has represented victims injured in commercial vehicle accidents throughout Texas for more nearly 20 years. If you have been involved in an accident with any type of commercial vehicle, including delivery trucks, big vans, or utility vehicles, your CPM Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer can act quickly to gather and preserve the important evidence needed to help maximize your recovery.

For example, your CPM Commercial Vehicle lawyer will act quickly to preserve critical evidence. Your lawyer will secure the physical evidence at the scene of the collision, including debris from the impacted vehicles, inspection of the vehicles involved, and downloading the data from the Engine Control Module (“ECM”) of each vehicle involved.  Your Austin Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer from CPM Injury Firm will do this at no cost to you.  We will only be reimbursed the cost of this work if we recover money for you.

Commercial vehicle drivers are held to higher safety standards than the average driver. They are required to follow specific safety rules and requirements to keep everyone on the road safe. When companies and their drivers fail to follow these rules of the road, they put everyone who shares the roadways with them at risk. An experienced commercial vehicle accident lawyer knows which safety rules and regulations apply to commercial vehicle drivers, and can use that knowledge and experience to help you win your case.

Even though some commercial vehicles may not be as large or heavy as semi trucks, they can still cause serious injuries in a commercial vehicle accident, including head trauma, spinal cord damage and broken bones, and many other types of serious injuries

Each Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer at CPM Injury Law is experienced in commercial vehicle accident settlements and litigation, and we know what steps to take to protect your interests if you have been injured in a collision with a commercial vehicle. Your lawyer will immediately put our resources and experience to work for you and your family, to get the evidence we need to hold the negligent commercial vehicle driver and company responsible for the injuries they have caused.

It is important to work with an experienced commercial vehicle accident lawyer right away. You may be able to obtain damages for medical expense that you have already sustained as a result of the collision, future expenses you will require for medical care, lost wages, lost earning capacity (which supplement lost income in the future if you are unable to return to your previous pay rate as a result of the collision), physical impairment damages, and your pain and suffering. We will develop a strategy that is custom tailored to your injuries and the specific facts of your case.

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