Commerical Litigation

General Commercial Litigation cases can be very complex.  The key to many of these cases lies in the details, and it takes a diligent and thoughtful approach to root out fraudulent behavior and successfully restore the victims.

General Commercial Litigation involves a wide variety of disputes including: breach of contract between businesses, securities fraud committed by investment brokers and investment companies, real estate fraud in the appraisal, marketing, and sale of real property to consumers, and fraud committed by businesses that promise services to individuals that the business is unable to provide. These types of cases can be very complex, and may involve many different parties.  The key to many of these cases lies in the details, and it takes a diligent and thoughtful approach to root out fraudulent behavior and successfully restore the victims. Our Commercial Litigation expertise includes:

Breach of Contract

Successfully representing small businesses that have suffered disastrous financial losses due to commercial fraud. The key to many of these cases lies in the details, and it takes a diligent and thoughtful approach to root out fraudulent behavior and successfully restore the victims. One recent case resulted in a $2.1 million judgment against a company that fraudulently promised a consumer it could develop an iPhone application for sale and distribution to users throughout the United States. Although the company did not have the financial resources, the experience, or the staff to take on such a project, it collected more than $400,000.00 from the Plaintiffs before abruptly closing the business and filing bankruptcy.  Such cases are more common than you might imagine, and it takes lawyers with the experience—inside the courtroom and out—to hold fraudulent businesses like that one accountable.

Securities Fraud

We have represented individual investors who have been defrauded out of millions of dollars as the result of well disguised Ponzi schemes.  Often times these fraudulent schemes are so well orchestrated and planned, that it is almost impossible for an investor to catch the fraudulent conduct until it is too late.  At the Cagle Law Firm, P.C., we work hard to uncover not just the fraudulent scheme itself, but also to discover each and every person and company involved in stealing money from investors.  Many times, the “front man” of such schemes does not have insurance or any other resources to pay back investors that have been wronged. Cases like these demand an attention to detail and an aggressive approach to rooting out each person and entity responsible.

Real Estate Fraud

We have successfully recovered millions of dollars for Texas home buyers who have been defrauded by several different companies in one transaction. For example, real estate developers, appraisers, and lenders, may work together to artificially inflate the value of real property to an innocent purchaser.  The victim believes they are purchasing property at a fair price, because the “appraisal” justified the sales price, and the bank willingly made the loan to finance the house.  What the purchaser does not know is that the bank will sell the mortgage loan on the property, the appraiser has already been paid by the bank, and the developer takes all of the money.  At the end of this common real estate fraud scheme, the buyer of the property is left holding the bag—paying a mortgage note that is 4-5 times higher than it should be.  The buyer can’t get out of the mortgage note because no one will buy the property for the artificially inflated price. Meanwhile, the banks, appraisal companies, and “developers” walk away with all of the money.  These cases can be complex: involving the collateralization and packaging, repackaging, and sale of bundles of these artificially inflated mortgages. If you think you have been the victim of some kind of fraud, call our office today for a free consultation.


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Imagine waking up one morning. Everything goes as it usually does. You walk to your car for your drive to work. You get in, fasten your seat belt, and are on your way. The next thing you know, you are waking up in a hospital, unable to feel or move your arms and legs
It has been reported by AAA Foundation for Safety that teen driving accidents increase significantly from June 1st – Labor Day. Events such as graduation and summer break festivities all play a factor in the number of teen car accidents, but statistics indicate that distracted driving and more teenagers in the car at one time are the primary cause of these accidents.
Government researchers recently conducted a study to analyze and compare the use of cell phones while driving by teenagers and adults. The sample of teens performed remarkably well using the cell phone while driving: they were able to dial numbers, answer the phone, send emails and texts, and even browse the internet. Unfortunately, they blew through 30 percent of the stop signs on the closed course.

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