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Surgical procedures have risks and subject to complications. Many surgical complications can be avoided when medical professionals act within the standard of medical care. The surgical malpractice lawyers at The Cagle Law Firm, LLC.  can help if you’ve been Injured by surgical negligence or mistakes .

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Many times serious mistakes made during surgery have devastating consequences right away. In other cases, the damage becomes apparent only after the passage of time, when the patient discovers the cause of post-operative complications. If you suspect that surgical negligence is the reason for your own serious injuries or a family member’s death, you should consult a qualified medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. The Cagle Law Firm is considered to be the surgical negligence lawyer Austin residents trust most for deep experience in these cases and aggressive representation for full compensation.

All surgical procedures have risks and are subject to complications. Unfortunately, many surgical complications could have been avoided if medical professionals acted within the standard of medical care.  Preventable medical errors are the number 3 killer of Americans nearly every year—third only to heart disease and cancer.  Some 400,000 patients a year die as the result of preventable adverse events, costing the nation a colossal $1 trillion!

Our Firm respects members of the medical profession, but there must be some professional accountability for the consequences everyday people in our community face as a result of medical mistakes.  By helping individuals in our community that have been harmed by medical malpractice, we believe we can help the victims recover and improve the medical care available to everyone in our community.

Medical malpractice cases are challenging to prove and vigorously contested by physicians, hospitals and insurance companies. Our Austin surgical negligence attorneys are up to the challenge and exceptionally equipped to assess whether you have a valid claim worth pursuing.

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Valid medical malpractice and medical products liability cases arise out of all types of surgical procedures and may involve any organ or body part. A few of the more common scenarios include:

  • Leaving behind foreign objects such as sponges and syringes, which may lead to a life-threatening infection or other serious complications and require further surgeries;
  • Operation on the wrong body part or performance of another unnecessary procedure;
  • Failures to react to and properly address problems during surgery such as mistakenly cutting an artery, nerve or duct;
  • Injuring nerve roots and overstretching nerves in the spine during spinal surgery causing paresthesia, paralysis, and a devastating condition known as Cuada Equina syndrome—a neurological condition caused by the inadvertent compression of nerve roots at the lower end of the spinal cord;
  • Misuse of medical devices by using them in a way that the FDA never approved or in a manner in which the device has never been tested, or using a device in a manner that has not been established as a safe and effective treatment; and,
  • Anesthesia errors resulting in brain injury, comatose states, and even death.

Sometimes, surgical errors are caused by profit-driven medical device manufacturers that push their surgical products into the market for uses in which they have never been approved or tested.  These manufacturers want their devices used in surgical rooms across the country, despite the risks posed to patients.

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Many people worry that when they signed surgical consent forms, they signed away their rights as a patient. No patient has ever signed a form consenting to negligent medical care.  Even if you signed an “informed consent” form, we can still hold a medical professional accountable for violating the applicable standard of care, and causing serious injuries to patients.

At our firm, your potential case will be assessed directly by a proven trial lawyer with the medical and legal knowledge required to offer counsel you can trust. We will treat you with compassion and take your concerns seriously. For a free consultation and case evaluation, please call The Cagle Law Firm, P.C., at 888-353-3619 or reach us via email.


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