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Category: Automobile Accidents

It has been reported by AAA Foundation for Safety that teen driving accidents increase significantly from June 1st – Labor Day. Events such as graduation and summer break festivities all play a factor in the number of teen car accidents, but statistics indicate that distracted driving and more teenagers in the car at one time are the primary cause of these accidents.
Government researchers recently conducted a study to analyze and compare the use of cell phones while driving by teenagers and adults. The sample of teens performed remarkably well using the cell phone while driving: they were able to dial numbers, answer the phone, send emails and texts, and even browse the internet. Unfortunately, they blew through 30 percent of the stop signs on the closed course.
Seat belts and airbags have reduced the number of casualties resulting from traumatic car accidents over the past ten years. Car accidents that previously took lives are now more likely to cause debilitating lower extremity injuries, including MCL, ACL, and meniscus injuries. Knee injuries account for as much as 40% of hospital charges post-accident.